I’m 70, but that will change. I’m also a white male, but that won’t. Until all my tenses become past, anyway.

I live in Colorado. That might change. I’ve also lived in Reno, Nevada, San Francisco, California and in two different Oregon cities, so anything is possible. You never know.

I started this blog years ago. It was a real estate blog, because real estate was what I did for a living. I thought people would be interested, but no one ever said much. Then there was a housing bubble and financial meltdown, so maybe people were paying attention after all. You never know. But that all changed, and I decided to keep the blog to write about things that interest me, the problem being that nothing much has interested me in the last couple of years. That might change.

I’ve been married to the same woman since January 1971, which won’t change. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in January 2018. That won’t change, either.

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